Call for 2019 workshop facilitators will open March 1, 2019. Please return if you have an idea for a great workshop and would like to apply! To get an idea of the types of workshops that we are looking for, see the details below from 2018.

Jon Deviny

S’more Hand Lettering

Snack on S’mores while you design your own personal hand lettered monogram, cut that thing out of felt and put it on a hat.


About Jon
Art Director at Seven2 and Owner of

Jon is a connoisseur of weird, funny and ridiculous ideas that have informed him as a creative director, photographer, illustrator, designer, painter, inventor and entrepreneur. Ever since Jon realized he was a grown up, he’s been working to rediscover the playfulness and imagination he had as a child and then bring that into his life and art.

Derrick Freeland & Tiffany Patterson

Zine of the Forest

An introduction into the broad world of zines. Utilize your design mojo, illustration prowess, copy-writing skilz, or find your voice (for you shy cats) and help us create the first ever Collective Campout Zine. Sasquatch and all of his wilderness friends will thank you for some much-needed reading material.


About Derrick
Illustrator/Founder of Inland Northwest Association of Sequential Artists

Derrick Freeland is the founder of the Inland Northwest Association of Sequential Artists (INWASA), editor and publisher for Spokane comics publisher Bottlecrow Publications, and one of the founders and editors of the comics publication Spokane Sequential. He spends most of his time toiling away, creating weird, psychedelic sci-fi comics and harassing fellow Spokanites into making comics.


About Tiffany

Designer/Illustrator, Klündt | Hosmer

Tiffany came to Spokane when she was 18 to study photography but ended up becoming a self-taught painter and illustrator instead. Her work can be found everywhere from billboards to coffee bags and she recently took a job as a designer with KH. Tiffany runs the Spokane Chapter of Social Sketch spends her free time biking, raising chickens and dreaming up murals for all of Spokane’s blank walls.

Reinaldo Gil Zambrano

Pixel Poster Chip N’ Print: Prequel

In this Workshop participants will create a collaborative poster using relief-printing process. Participants will be introduced to sketching and carving principals while designing and crafting a matrix out of mounted linoleum. 

Pixel Print consist in two parts: Prequel and Sequel.


About Reinaldo
Printmaking Artist, Art Instructor at Eastern Washington University

Reinaldo Gil Zambrano is a Spokane-based printmaking artist from Caracas, Venezuela. Since an early

age, he has traveled the world collecting unique stories from haphazard human encounters that later enriched the visual narratives of his drawings and relief prints.

His work studies the universal idea of home and its influence on individual personalities. Gil’s current

practice includes the creation of large pieces using relief printing applications, and collaboratively incorporating the audience in his printing process.

His desire to promote the printmaking practice has made him develop projects such as “First Vandal Steam Roller Project” and “The Ink Rally” projects, where large carved pieces were printed on fabric using an asphalt roller and the help of other printmaking enthusiast. Reinaldo Gil Zambrano is an instructor for drawing, design and printmaking at the EWU.

Breanna White

Pixel Print: Sequel

In this Workshop participants will complete a collaborative poster using the carved linoleum piece from the prequel class to explore the final print composition.

Pixel Print consist in two parts: Prequel and Sequel. Campers are encouraged to sign up for both to gain the full experience.


About Breanna
Owner, Typebee Letterpress and Visual Communications Lecturer, EWU

Typebee is a Letterpress Printshop located in The Inland Northwest run by me, Breanna White or Bee for short. I’m a formally trained finisher, printmaker and typographer with a BFA from The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago with international credentials from HGK – The Basel School of Design. Typebee is focused on premium printmaking uniting old-world craftsmanship with quality design. In short, we are the Bees Knees.

Although print and design are the sweetest of things, I’m not ALL ink and paper. Well, mostly but when the apron comes off I’m a biodynamic gardener, book nerd who loves chocolate, not coffee… I know what you’re thinking, designer’s sin, guess that’s why I’m a printmaker.

Factory Town (Rajah Bose & Ellen Picken)

Backwoods Backdrops – Making the Natural Studio

There’s never been more demand in this Instaworld for better photography, especially great portraits. We will be attempting to get more of those coveted <3s by designing our own custom backdrops with a variety of materials including paint, stencils, shower curtains and what the good Lord gave us. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll learn how to make stunning naturally lit portraits in front of them.  Prepare to get messy, and make it look good. 


About Rajah & Ellen
Owners, Factory Town 

Rajah and Ellen quit their lucrative jobs where they did art and photography to pursue their lifelong passions of doing art and photography. They run a creative company called Factory Town that produces films and visuals. They share a house with a flatulent dog.

Hugh Russell

Doodle Island Imagination Adventure

Come along with me on a doodling journey where we will create your very own magical floating island of foliage, animals, and whatever gives you that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart region. 


About Hugh
Artist/Designer, Bearmancer

A lifetime draw-er, doodler, and craft doer. A graduate of Spokane Falls’ Graphic Design program. What I lack in skill, I hopefully make up for with silliness and absurdity.

Miyeko Takeshita

Above the fold: Paper Origami

Dive into origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Start by transforming a piece of paper into a traditional crane or a jumping frog. Then we’ll experiment with advanced origami using natural materials. Origami is fun and easy, and you’ll have something light and beautiful to take home!


About Miyeko
Owner, Hanami Paper Co. and Art Director, etailz

Meet Miyeko (that’s me-YAY-co). By day she’s an art director at etailz, the leading marketplace seller on Amazon and the like. During evenings and weekends she’s the owner and creative force behind Hanami Paper Co., for which she makes paper flowers and assorted origami. The rest of the time you can probably find her slowly but surely globe-trotting, paddle boarding, or trying vegan cooking. Miyeko served three years on the AAF Spokane board of directors as Secretary/Treasurer, ADDY Awards Chair and TMR Scholarship Chair. Check her out at

Nicholas Malara

Camp Character Design Workshop

A strong silhouette is important with any good character design. One effective, professional method of designing characters is to begin by scribbling out multiple, nondescript blob-shapes on a sheet of paper. These shapes represent rough character silhouette concepts. The artist then loosely adds detail within each of the abstract silhouette shapes they’ve made to complete a character design concept.

Using the silhouette technique, campers will create an original character design based on a to-be-announced theme.


About Nick
Art Director, Seven2

I grew up in Denver CO where I graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with a BFA in illustration in 2000. Over the course of my 18-year career as a professional illustrator, I’ve worked in advertising, apparel design, product development, animation, books, comics, games and traditional animation. I currently reside in Spokane, WA with my wife and two children.

Rick Hosmer

Earn Your Journaling Merit Badge with an Eagle Scout

In this workshop, you will learn how to create your own handmade journal to document your time at Collective Campout and for all your future adventures. Using writing and drawing tools, found objects and creativity inspired by travel, you will gain a lifelong skill, even if you think you can’t draw. A life worth living is a life worth documenting. 


About Rick
Partner at Klündt | Hosmer

Rick Hosmer is a partner at Klündt | Hosmer, a branding and marketing firm in Spokane and was the 2016 AAF AdPro. Rick is also an Eagle Scout and has journaled his way through adventures including an 1,800-mile bicycle tour, sea kayaking the Canadian coast, the birth of his children, building houses in Guatemala, and travel through Mexico and China. These journals form a personal record of experiences and viewpoints that can be relived over and over.

Unifest Co. (Matt & Stephanie Bouge)


Learn multiple tips and tools used to create impactful Social Marketing campaigns. And then get creative in teams and use the skills you learn to create a solid social campaign for Collective Campout using your team members and your surroundings in nature to post to your social network using branded tags and hashtags. 


About Unifest Co.

Unifest Co. is an art and music organization, based in Spokane, WA. They team up with local businesses to create unique art, music and cultural events by collaborating with their network of event partners, bands, live artists, local vendors, performers, food trucks, and volunteers. They also use their event offerings and network of collaborators to help enhance existing community events through various creative means. Some things you might find them doing around town are live art battles, custom photo booth installations, geodesic dome installations, themed DJ Unifest parties, and much more.

Jessie Hynes

Unique Illustrations

You do not need to consider yourself an artist for this class. This is about being imperfect and loving it. I’ll go through my process for creating an ink illustration and we will work with your imagination and create and illustration YOU can be proud of.


About Jesse
Print Designer at the Inlander

Jessie Hynes is a human person. Cute animals and weird creatures are her inspiration. She is a print designer who specializes in illustrations and screen printing.

Corey Jeppesen

The Art of YOU

The Art of YOU is about understanding your brand. Who you are and how to own your “brand” and deploy it confidently and effectively. In this workshop, we’ll do a bit of sketching (even if you think you’re not good at sketching) and even use our phones a bit.


About Corey
Entrepreneur, Seejepp Studio

Corey is an entrepreneur based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho who owns a digital marketing firm known as Seejepp Studio. With everything he does, Corey wants to incorporate transparency; he wants people to know exactly what he is doing in the marketing game to show that everyone is capable of creating a solid platform for his or her business. He also wants to express the importance of digital marketing, knowing that it is a factor that could make or break a business. His vlog, The Seejepp Show, captures all of this and more. A videographer follows Corey throughout his work days to gather relevant, applicable, and practical marketing content. This show offers easy access to real time advice at your disposal for FREE. Every drop of information that comes from this show is raw and comes from Corey’s personal experience. You will see local business owners coming together, hear pointers that you can actually use, and get motivated by Corey’s upbeat and driven personality.