Meet some of this year’s workshop facilitators below. Check back for updates, we will be adding more workshops as they are finalized.

Jon Merrell


You don’t have to bomb rails by night to immerse yourself in this fun and versatile medium. Grab a mask and a can, and explore aerosol basics in the Sweyolakan wilderness with your fellow creatives.


About Jon

Senior Graphic Designer, Horizon Credit Union

Working that stylus all day long, pulling those sweet, delicious prints, and ripping fat, nasty gifs all over this piece, Jon is a large man of many talents. With a heart for art, a collaborative spirit, and the keen reflexes of a jungle cat, Jon dispenses swift creative justice with broad strokes and blunt instruments… and the occasional laser… seriously.

Tiffany Patterson

Tiffany Patterson

H20-Color Illustration Techniques

In this class, campers will create their very own original watercolor illustration. You’ll learn simple techniques that demystify a sometimes intimidating medium. With custom illustration becoming more prevalent in the design world, your ability to create artwork in a variety of mediums and styles makes you an asset.


About Tiffany

Designer/Illustrator, Klündt | Hosmer

Tiffany Patterson is a self-taught painter, illustrator, and graphic designer that has been showing art in Spokane for over 10 years. Her work can be found around town on everything from bridge underpasses to billboards and coffee bags. It is a celebration of little victories, tiny moments, happiness and humor.

Greg Stiles

Greg Stiles

Adventures in Printmaking : How to Make Art with a Spud

Use your hands, heads, and eyes to create beautiful, touchable, lovable art using the centuries-old craft of relief printing. Learn basic woodcut and printing skills using nothing but the best of Idaho. In this short class, you’ll design, carve, and print a 1 or 2 color relief print. Tools and materials provided. Warning: A so-called “smart drug” popular with younger people, potato stamping may be habit forming and lead to euphoria.


About Greg

Instructor, Spokane Falls Community College

Greg is a snowboarder who teaches Graphic Design at Spokane Falls Community College, in that order. Originally from New York, Greg Stiles is a design instructor at SFCC and currently the Applied Visual Arts Department Chair. Greg studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Seattle, is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts and received the 2010 Spokane Advertising Professional of the Year Award (Ad Pro).


Awards include: Print’s Regional Design Annual, Broadcast Design Association National Competition (BDA), Society of Technical Communicators Northwest Competition, International Association of Business Communicators Competition, Spokane Advertising Federation MAX | ADDY Awards. Student work can be viewed in Communication Arts.

John Mujica

John Mujica & Joel Barbour

The Outdoor Type.

The smash hit workshop that brings campers together to play with wild typography is back by popular demand. You’ll be teamed up with fellow campers to create an inspiring or motivating message out of found elements from the earth, twine, and other odds and ends. The result will be a non-destructive typographic installation in a beautiful natural environment.


About John
Graphic Designer, Klündt | Hosmer
Co-Founder/Creative Lead and Art Director of Collective Campout, Graphic Designer, Navy Vet, father of two, and all around swell guy. John is a talented design enthusiast and purveyor of all things awesome.


About Joel
Owner/Designer at The Great PNW
Still trying not to die.

Kayla Brooke

Off The Grid Painting

Forget traditional painting methods and get ready to mix some crazy ingredients to produce art with more texture and visual excitement!


We’ll play around with different types of paint and common household ingredients to make a variety of different looks. While we’re at it, let’s see what we can gather from our surroundings to make a camp-worthy piece that even Bigfoot himself would be proud of.


About Kayla

Account Coordinator/Producer, Seven2

Kayla is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas where she received her B.B.A in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She has lived in Spokane since 2009. She is the wife of a super awesome dude and the mother of an amazing 4 year old boy. Overall, she enjoys surrounding herself with passionate people and feels that immersing yourself in a creative culture fosters good ideas. Painting is her go to and people are her passion!

Tyler Tullis

Tyler Tullis

#SavePrincessZelda | Personal Branding and Leadership

Ever wondered how to find balance between your professional and personal life? How to channel creativity? Want to get more involved and make more of a difference in your community? Thinking about how to advance your career? To be the best friend you can be?


These are questions Tyler Tullis will help answer in a presentation about leadership, creativity, networking and finding success early in your career. Tyler will show attendees how to build and maintain a personal brand. He’ll walk through maxims for success. He’ll turn the presentation into a live focus group. And yes, he’ll even tie it all back to The Legend of Zelda. #BeatGanon


About Tyler

Director of Marketing, DH

Tyler Tullis is a young professional and community leader here in Spokane. He’s a well-rounded marketing and public relations pro, having worked in an agency and corporate setting for DH and Red Lion Hotels Corporation. He’s an indie author, having published six books since college. He’s also President of the American Advertising Federation, and a past board member for Spokane Regional MarCom Association and American Cancer Society. He regularly speaks to university students about career planning, to professionals about marketing topics and to other authors about writing process. 

Derrick Freeland


This workshop will start with an overview of the fundamentals of comics including what they are as an artistic medium, all the little things that make a comic a comic, and what makes them so darn appealing. We’ll also spend some time discussing visual storytelling and illustration.


Then, we’ll apply that discussion to an exercise in collaboration called “Panel & Pass.” Each workshop attendee will create the first panel of a comic, pass it to the next attendee, who will continue with the next panel and so on and so forth. It’s a groovy way to see the creation of a comic and visual storytelling in action.


About Derrick

Editor in Chief / Publisher, Bottlecrow Publications

Derrick Freeland is the editor and publisher of Bottlecrow Publications, a comic book publishing company based in Spokane, Washington. He is also the founder and organizer for the Inland NW Association of Sequential Artists (INWASA), also based in Spokane, Washington.

Breanna White

Woodland Poster Prints

Explore the interaction of shape and texture utilizing a series of raw woodblock materials to develop a one-of-a-kind ink on paper Woodland Poster Print.


About Breanna

Owner + Operator, Typebee Letterpress Printshop | Visual Communications Lecturer, EWU

In a nutshell, Breanna is a biodynamic gardener and book nerd who loves chocolate, not coffee (I know, designer’s sin, guess that’s why she’s a printmaker). Her initial training is in Visual Communications with a BFA from The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago along with typographic studies from HGK in Basel, Switzerland. She wears both hats, but enjoys printing most. Press on.

Jon Deviny

Hand Lettering: Pennant Edition

Learn about letter styles and layouts and turn your favorite word or saying into your own awesome pennant.


About Jon
Jack of All Trades, Master of Fun, Lightning Deluxe / Seven2

Jon is a connoisseur of ridiculous ideas that have informed him as an art director, photographer, illustrator, designer, painter, inventor and entrepreneur. Ever since he realized he was a grown up, he’s been working to rediscover the playfulness and imagination he had as a child and bring it into his life and art.

Rajah Bose

Is that a studio in your pocket?

Learn how to make great videos with the tools you already have. So you’ve figured out how to take some killer pics of your creative wares or your pet goldfish for Instagram, but how do you make a YouTube video that people actually want to watch? Learn some basic lighting and sound gathering techniques to make your next vid stand out.


About Rajah

Photographer | Filmmaker, Factory.Town | Gonzaga

Rajah didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life until serendipitously he found a camera behind the broken window of a Land Rover downtown. Since then his favorite thing to photograph has been people, and he has occasionally been paid to do it. He’s a somewhat regular contributor to The New York Times and co-owns a boutique visuals shop called Factory.Town that makes commercials and music videos. He has a dog and a house, and does relaxing stuff in his spare time.

Tobias Hendrickson

Nature Beats

Collaborate with TECHTAX to create a Collective Campout Nature Beat using found objects to record sound samples with your smart-phone. Explore the differences between melodic tones, rhythmic hits and atmospheric soundscapes as we combine all the elements to create a truly original piece of music.


About Tobias

Lead Photographer, Treatment

Tobias lives a double life: half of his time is spent behind the lens of a camera and the rest of the time behind a synthesizer. He’s a member of multiple music projects often seen playing around town. In addition, he moonlights as an electronic music composer and sound designer for video games and short films (under the name TECHTAX). If you’ve ever met him, chances are you’ve also met his trusty sidekick, Penny (the red heeler).

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Digging for Poetry

Part poetry workshop, part guided meditation, we’ll be digging inward to get out of the headspace of commercially driven creation. We’ll be using the tools of a poetry workshop to connect to our own authentic voices, mining our memories for vulnerable imagery that brings our language to life. Bring Your Own Feelings (BYOF).


About Mark
Barista, Boots Bakery

By day, Mark Anderson is a Barista, slinging soy lattes at your favorite vegan bakery. At night he transforms into Mark Anderson, performance poet and co-founder of the cult classic Broken Mic poetry series. He has also created a performance poetry workshop series called Poetry Dojo, and has traveled across the United States performing at poetry slams, open mics, cafes, bars, and punk shows.