Channeling Your Inner Ghost Story


Mark Anderson + Kurt Olson


Prepare to scare the heck out of your friends. We’ll be learning to tell convincing scary stories using symbolism and imagery to bring the dead to life. BYOT (bring your own terror). BOOOOooooooOOOooo.



Ali Blackwood


Using cyanotype paper to think creatively about negative space! Short lecture about seeing the potential in the shapes of leaves and other natural materials, and using them to create images with sun-reactive paper.  

Creativity + Business + Bears F*cking


Joel Barbour


Design and Business go hand in hand. Let’s chat about the steps and journey of taking your craft and doing it for a living. Part motivational, part strategy, part examples (good and bad) of how I have learned the hard way.

Let’s Get Knotty – Make A Friendship Bracelet


Ginny Baxter + Mellie Price


Is camp really camp without friendship bracelets? I think knot. We’ll explore color, design and basic macramé skills to elevate your outdoor wardrobe.

Collage Cut-Ups: A Hands-on Approach to a Burgeoning Art


Jackie Treiber


In this workshop, we will learn a little about the history of collage and take a look at the contemporary landscape of this refreshing art form. Participants will be equipped with cutting utensils and a wide range of paper ephemera to craft their own handmade, analog collage.

Digital Illustration Demonstration


Nicholas Malara


In this class I will demonstrate professional digital illustration techniques using an iPad, an Apple Pencil and Procreate. During the live demonstration, I will walk participants through popular professional illustration methods creating a finished piece from start to finish. Students can observe the process as it is projected on a large screen at camp. The demonstration is meant to be conversational so that students can discuss their own techniques, ask questions and gain new skills.

Devising Desire: How To Interview Yourself and Set Badass Goals


Samantha Wohlfeil


Try asking a stranger some lofty, open-ended question, like, “What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?” or “What’s the hardest challenge you’ve faced?”


You’ll quickly learn that answering those questions can be hard. It takes a lot of thought and time to really describe something like that, and most of us don’t walk around with those answers ready to go. But, maybe we should. Sort of. At this workshop we’ll talk about how to ask ourselves big questions like, “What do I see other people accomplishing that makes me jealous?” and, through artistic journaling and time for reflection, translate our fears, envies and daydreams into badass, achievable goals for our personal and professional lives. Learn more about yourself and what could make you happier in your work, in your free time, and in your life.

It’s All Pun ‘n’ Games!


Annica Eagle


An interactive introduction to punning and improv! How does the creative sharpen their skills, put out clever marketing, and stay fresh and on point—especially when the client changes direction on a dime? By strengthening the silly, polishing the playful, and loosening up. Punning and improv are fuel for new neural pathways to form. You create new ideas, shake out writer’s block, and give yourself permission to have fun.

Playing with Type


Jon Deviny


We’re going to break the comfort of digital design to get loose and play around with experimental typography. Use Macgyver like skills to build your own pens and create perfectly imperfect posters.

Spruce Up Your Sketching: Ink Wash Workshop


Kelsea Rothaus


When it comes to getting creative, your ink can be watered down – but your process shouldn’t be. Learn how to add stylistic emphasis to sketches and experiment with abstract shapes using an ink wash technique. Turn some doodles and random pools of water into masterpieces worthy of a frame.

Finding Place: Drawing as Discovery, Spatial Biography, and Cartography


Stefani Rossi


Using portable drawing media, participants will explore ways of looking, and discovering a new place by repeated, meditative practice.