Channeling Your Inner Ghost Story


Mark Anderson 


Prepare to scare the heck out of your friends. We’ll be learning to tell convincing scary stories using symbolism and imagery to bring the dead to life. BYOT (bring your own terror). BOOOOooooooOOOooo.


Mark Anderson founded the Spokane cult classic Broken Mic reading series with Kurt Olson. They have both traveled the country performing in coffee shops, bars, and basements. Anderson is the 2017 – 2019 Spokane Poet Laureate.



Ali Blackwood


Using cyanotype paper to think creatively about negative space! Short lecture about seeing the potential in the shapes of leaves and other natural materials, and using them to create images with sun-reactive paper.  


My name is Ali and I am a graphic designer and artist! I work for the Inlander during the day, where I art direct Health & Home Magazine, and in the evenings I teach drunk people how to paint at Pinot’s Palette. When I have any of the rare thing people call “spare time” I paint weird paintings and enjoy experimenting with any and all other arts and crafts.

Creativity + Business + Bears F*cking


Joel Barbour


Design and Business go hand in hand. Let’s chat about the steps and journey of taking your craft and doing it for a living. Part motivational, part strategy, part examples (good and bad) of how I have learned the hard way.


Joel is the owner and designer of The Great PNW. Since 2013 he’s created casual apparel for those who love The Pacific Northwest.

Let’s Get Knotty – Make A Friendship Bracelet


Ginny Baxter + Mellie Price


Is camp really camp without friendship bracelets? I think knot. We’ll explore color, design and basic macramé skills to elevate your outdoor wardrobe.


Ginny and Mellie have been AAF besties for over a decade. The yin to each others yang. Having co-chaired Collective Campout for years, this year they are combining their friendship with their mutual love of craft to teach workshop. When they aren’t sharing crafty ideas on Pinterest with each other, you can find Ginny at EWU doing digital design and Mellie at Global Credit Union managing the brand.

Collage Cut-Ups: A Hands-on Approach to a Burgeoning Art


Jackie Treiber


In this workshop, we will learn a little about the history of collage and take a look at the contemporary landscape of this refreshing art form. Participants will be equipped with cutting utensils and a wide range of paper ephemera to craft their own handmade, analog collage.


Jackie Treiber (1982) is a professional writer and artist. Her collage art was most recently featured in Terrain 11 (Spokane) and Twenty-Six Cafe (Portland, OR). In Spring 2019 she will exhibit at the Spokane Central Library and in Fall 2019 her work will be exhibited at the Chase Art Gallery in downtown Spokane.


Treiber’s visual art focuses on the psychosexual, psychedelic transformation of the feminine divine. Her materials include ephemera, refuse/reuse and other mixed media.

Digital Illustration Demonstration


Nicholas Malara


In this class I will demonstrate professional digital illustration techniques using an iPad, an Apple Pencil and Procreate. During the live demonstration, I will walk participants through popular professional illustration methods creating a finished piece from start to finish. Students can observe the process as it is projected on a large screen at camp. The demonstration is meant to be conversational so that students can discuss their own techniques, ask questions and gain new skills.


Art has always been a means for me to tell stories. Growing up in Colorado, my dream had always been to become a professional artist. I received my BFA in illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in 2000. Since then I’ve worked on children’s books, apparel, mealtime products, games and advertising. I’ve lived in Spokane for the past 12 years with my wife and two children.

Devising Desire: How To Interview Yourself and Set Badass Goals


Samantha Wohlfeil


Try asking a stranger some lofty, open-ended question, like, “What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?” or “What’s the hardest challenge you’ve faced?”


You’ll quickly learn that answering those questions can be hard. It takes a lot of thought and time to really describe something like that, and most of us don’t walk around with those answers ready to go. But, maybe we should. Sort of. At this workshop we’ll talk about how to ask ourselves big questions like, “What do I see other people accomplishing that makes me jealous?” and, through artistic journaling and time for reflection, translate our fears, envies and daydreams into badass, achievable goals for our personal and professional lives. Learn more about yourself and what could make you happier in your work, in your free time, and in your life.


Samantha Wohlfeil is a journalist who covers the environment, rural communities and cultural issues for the Inlander. Since joining the paper in 2017, she’s reported how the weeks after getting out of prison can be deadly, how child marriage impacts people in Idaho and the U.S., and she’s written several other sensitive investigations. Like many young people (and those who are young at heart), she’s also constantly working to find outlets for her creative energy and meaning in her work. Using art and introspective journaling to remind herself of her goals and ambitions helps her stay centered and motivated. Plus, a good sense of humor never hurt: we should all be able to laugh at the absurd and the awesome.

It’s All Pun ‘n’ Games!


Annica Eagle


An interactive introduction to punning and improv! How does the creative sharpen their skills, put out clever marketing, and stay fresh and on point—especially when the client changes direction on a dime? By strengthening the silly, polishing the playful, and loosening up. Punning and improv are fuel for new neural pathways to form. You create new ideas, shake out writer’s block, and give yourself permission to have fun.


I started The Punderground in 2016 and have been an improviser on the Blue Door Theatre stage since 2015. I have two world-titles from punning (2017–3rd Punniest in the world; 2018–MVP). I also recently joined the writing staff for Lilac City Live! and have been co-writing screenplays for two local directors.

Playing with Type


Jon Deviny


We’re going to break the comfort of digital design to get loose and play around with experimental typography. Use Macgyver like skills to build your own pens and create perfectly imperfect posters. 


Jon Deviny is the Director of Marketing & Creative at K-Dev and the Owner of Lightning Deluxe. He’s a connoisseur of weird, funny and ridiculous ideas that have informed him as a creative director, photographer, illustrator, designer, painter, inventor and entrepreneur. Ever since Jon realized he was a grown up, he’s been working to rediscover the playfulness and imagination he had as a child and then bring that into his life and art.

Spruce Up Your Sketching: Ink Wash Workshop


Kelsea Rothaus


When it comes to getting creative, your ink can be watered down – but your process shouldn’t be. Learn how to add stylistic emphasis to sketches and experiment with abstract shapes using an ink wash technique. Turn some doodles and random pools of water into masterpieces worthy of a frame.


Kelsea spends her time as a graphic designer/illustrator to support her hobbies and dog. In 2016, she moved to Spokane and started focusing her pen and ink technique. Inspired by the merciless nature of the wild and storytelling, her favorite projects pack in organic details while keeping the big picture in mind.

Finding Place: Drawing as Discovery, Spatial Biography, and Cartography


Stefani Rossi


Using portable drawing media, participants will explore ways of looking, and discovering a new place by repeated, meditative practice.


Administrative wizard by day, creative at all other times. Artist-Educator who has worked with students in WA, CO, Western PA (just north of the ‘Burgh), and IN, teaching classes in 2D and contemporary media most recently at Wabash College–where all the students are guys. That was an adventure! I’m interested in cultivating spaces of deep attention through careful looking, and remaining engaged in the rituals of every day living.

Branding Science Merit Badge


Stæven Frey


The world of design is vast with a variety of terrains, from of towers of typography to the vast vector sea. But no design ecosystem is more complex than the wilderness of branding.


Together with Scoutmaster Stæven and trust Trailmaster Onyx, you’ll learn some of the most advanced tools in understanding how to create ironclad brands that can stand the harsh conditions of commerce, drive sales even in the harshest of packaging conditions, and understand evidence-based metrics of branding that will have you becoming a leading pioneer of branding for years to come.


As a senior brand strategist and brand designer, Stæven does more than just create brand identities. With more than 15 years of designing distinctive brand assets for over 150 major brands, Stæven provides industry-leading, evidence-based brand science, and strategic research, ensuring every brand he works with is able to grow and thrive in the marketplace. In his spare time, he’s an active cat and husky rescuer, advocate, and foster parent. He lives in Nashville with his partner, his 3 rescue cats, and his service dog Onyx.